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My fate
I can not escape my fate
The walls are closing in around me
Suffocating me slowly
No one can see the stains of Insanity
Scarring me
My lungs burn as I struggle to breathe
My madness is drowning me
Please leave me be
Don’t bother pretending to help
Just let me sink into misery
My body screams as my mind
Gives up the fight
With its disease
With my mind gone
My body finally ceases to be
With nothing left of me
My memory fades and
People  wonder if I ever
Truly existed
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 2 6
There is a place....
There is a point where the stars
Fade out, Where the sky turns to white
Where the sun has never shone, but
Yet there is light…
This is the place where the angels do hide
From the prying gaze of that Devil's eyes
Where the purest power is one that has died
Yes it was there, Where He created life…
Imperfect we may be, we all strive to see
This point in the heavens
Where we can be true to He
who hath made the light within humanity…
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
The choice is yours...
Sitting here I see a face
Innocent of hate and dark sin.
You asked me why I came back
Well I have something to say.
Run Away and don't look back,
The pain isn't worth trying to be happy
This place is going to kill you.
Don't stop running, even when
That seductive knave tries to catch you
Don't let his sweet voice tempt
You from the path to freedom.
Keep your heart in your chest
And please don't just give it to the highest bidder.
Let go of all the pain that is sure to happen…
Don't pick up the knife, no matter
How sweet her song sounds.
The scars she leaves behind will
Be a wall between you and the world.
There will come a time when you
Find someone you think that you can trust,
Run Away…
Don't listen to that secret harlot's lies,
She will tell you she understands your pain
That she will be there forever.
But she just wants to crush you,
She is setting you up to fail.
Just run away, there is no hope
If you choose to stay and fight…
Keep your secrets to yourself
Don't let
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
Mature content
the whispering part two :iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
The whispering installment 1
T'was a dark and somber night, even the moon had fled in fright. But there was a single light illuminating the dark, a single candle flickering in his window. My obsession with the Dark Poet was controlling my life, I mean I am sitting here in the dark outside his house just  to catch a glimpse. His words still echo through my mind…
The dark stain upon my soul,
Taints the sweet chasteness
Of your innocent soul…
Your sparkling eyes
Light the fires of my desire
Your smile haunts my dreams…
It seems that his every poem speaks directly to my soul. I see him pacing in the soft light, what is he thinking? What is troubling that brilliant mind? What causes him to pace so fretfully? The Dark Poet's mind holds a wonder and wickedness that intrigues the gentle innocence in mine. How soon until he returns my love? How soon until the Dark Poet and I become one?
She tries to hide there in the dark shadows of the night, but her inner purity separates her from the evilness of
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
The Real Me...
The pain races up my spine
As I struggle to survive
The darkness in my heart
Snuffs out the light
The mutilations and horrors
Plaguing me have made their mark
Scars riddle my body, I am no longer whole
There is no beauty left in me…
The Fake smiles have ceased to work,
No longer do I try to hide my pain
But still nobody sees beyond the fake me
I just need someone to see what is inside
The real me….
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 6
Splashes of tears ruin the page
As I read the words echoing your pain.
Don't push me away with promises of fear
I want, no need to see the real you
The one you tried to hide from pain,
The one those inner demons tried to destroy,
Show me everything that kills you deep inside.
Let me try and help you fight your demons.
Let me try and help you fight the pain.
You spoke of a far away place
Where the happiness in you resides
Let me teach you deep desire,
Instead of letting you hide away.
Show me what I can already see,
The beautiful soul beneath the scars.
So take a chance and let me in
To fight the darkness,
That hides the light.
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
Tears in the dark
Crying in the dark
As I think of you…
You stole my heart,
And then walked away…
You promised me the stars
But only gave me scars
Will you look back to see
All the pain and tears to gave me?
I will do anything
To have you come back to me
Just say the words,
And I will be yours again…
Is it to hard to give me?
Just three little words,
So innocent in meaning,
Yet without them I will cease to be….
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
The Looking Glass
This smooth glass reflects everything
What do you see when you look into it?
Do you seem me there reflecting in your heart?
Am I still there with you, or have I been replaced?
I see the secret I have kept
Will you be able to forget the pain I caused?
Can you please let me back into your heart?
Please be here when I look into the mirror…
But you won't be, the mirror is empty beside me
I have shattered the love we shared,
So I don't deserve to see the love echoed in the glass
The mirror holds our past but not the future…
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 2
I sit and write while you sleep,
Your sweet dreams inspire me.
Your little snores relax me,
Your sleepy smiles give me peace.
From your messy hair,
To your beautiful feet
I love every inch…
Your giant heart fills me.
Wake up my love,
So I might see your eyes
Or should I join you
In your dreams of love.
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 1 2
Say hello to my sister
When You left me
You told me to go and die
So I gave you what you want
Why do you sit here and cry?
You threw me away
And that day I died inside
So why cry now
You left me for her….
I gave you my last breath,
Now return the favor…
Be happy with her,
Give her all the love we had
Tell her I said goodbye
And not to blame herself
I give you my love
As I watch you walk away with her…..
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
The Glistening light sparkles
As it hits his beautiful eyes
His love shines through
As he looks upon his Soul
The Silver beams of moon
Strike against her dark gaze
Her love echoes the song in his
As she looks up at her Soul
Like the Sun light
Chasing the moon beams
Their love meets where
The Day and Night collide…
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
Lingering senses
Hear the whispers of our love
My lips haven't stopped calling you
Do you miss the times we had
Have you moved on?
Do you smell the sweet scent of our love
My body hasn't stopped aching for you
Do you miss the love we shared
Have you forgotten?
Can you taste the honey of our love
My tongue still begs for your taste
Can you wash away the love we had
Have you met someone else?
Can you feel our hearts beating together
My heart still echoes the beat of yours
Do you still skip a beat when you think of love
Have you switched the rhythm?
Can you still see me in your life
My eyes miss the sight of you
Do you still think your blind to our love
Have you lost the love we had?
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
Take me with you,
I refuse to live without you
Please why'd you go and die
We had so much…
The pain is too much
I can't go on like this
In your note you said
Good Bye
Well now mine will echo yours
I'll say goodbye to a world
That doesn't hold you
So I can be with you
Why did you F**king Die
I never told you
That you left more than me behind
The product of our love
I will join you
So our child can be with you
I need you more than I need to live
Goodbye world…
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 1 0
Would you still love me
If you knew my secrets?
Or will our love die
Because of my old life?
Will you look past it
All for the sake of our love?
Can I tell you the truth,
Or should it stay a secret?
My past haunts the future
But my love for you
Crushes all fears of the past
Please don't leave me
I don't want to be stuck
In the past instead of our future
Our love should conquer all
Just please don't leave me…
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 0 0
Catch me
My hands are slipping
As I struggle to hold on
The dark abyss under me
Hides my darkest thoughts
Should I just let go?
I have tasted death
And it tastes so sweet
Can I resist the temptation?
My will power is fading
Eternal sleep calls to me
Already I can hear
My blood begging to be free
My skin waiting patiently
To be split open
No…. I must fight them
Its been to long since
I have been this close
To the edge.
Save Me from Myself
Catch my hand before
I fall….
:iconhalenlafaie:halenlafaie 1 0


jeff the killer by venomeslove202 jeff the killer :iconvenomeslove202:venomeslove202 14 3
Mature content
The Next Door Wolf Chapter 3 :icondestodes777:destodes777 9 5
Mature content
The Next Door Wolf :icondestodes777:destodes777 3 0
pewdiepie meets offenderman rough draft by venomeslove202 pewdiepie meets offenderman rough draft :iconvenomeslove202:venomeslove202 183 56
Many go in as normal as can be,
When all of a sudden,
There is no glee.
Dreams are shattered,
Families are torn,
Once the happiest place in the world turned into the monstrous face on earth.
The adults sob and mourn the lost ones,
As the children cry to their heart’s desire.
Faces so familiar lost in the sunset.
The only pieces left of them were the objects on their feet,
Designed for comfort and style,
Were the only items for the dead to rest in peace.
:iconfaxniggyfan1134:FaxNiggyFan1134 3 7
Without Friends
Worthless and not free
go on without me
doesn't say a word in class
walks through the hallway steely glass
Catching those eyes
is like a flood that tries
to rampage a wildfire
it only works if you smother
No one slams against a locker
no one cuts in front of the liar
who doesn't go to lunch
who is in for a crunch
who eats in the bathroom
hides in an auditorium
wishing self hadn't turned down callbacks
that maybe Hell or Heaven will be right back
Hiding in the wings one of these days
telling self that things really will be o-fucking-kay
Aces all the classes and smiles at the teachers
tries harder to learn but is done with the reachers
wannabe zombies who consume that bloody emboldened heart
love was a gift and when burned lit an upstart
now confusion
eyes slowly jading
somedays aura fading
Who knows if
self is still alive
An unwished kiss
would be to die
Would rather go on alone surviving living again
No one can live without friends
That's funny because I supposedly had them
:iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 144
Digimon: Sepia by aoineko Digimon: Sepia :iconaoineko:aoineko 986 129
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She loves. :iconcarletto47:carletto47 9 6
Mature content
Fantasies. :iconcarletto47:carletto47 3 2
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Office pleasure. :iconcarletto47:carletto47 5 4
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Hard not soft. :iconcarletto47:carletto47 6 2
He didn't notice by Antimad1 He didn't notice :iconantimad1:Antimad1 216 36 Kiss by Antimad1 Kiss :iconantimad1:Antimad1 466 35 Who am I without you? by Antimad1 Who am I without you? :iconantimad1:Antimad1 247 27 Kurosaki Ichigo, is that really you? by Ururuty Kurosaki Ichigo, is that really you? :iconururuty:Ururuty 60 15




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